While we use our resources in our production activities in the most effective way, we care about contributing to the continuity of human and nature harmony by respecting the needs of both today and future for a sustainable environment.


Social Sustainability

As Denim Fashion; we act with a vision that tries to be a pioneer and an example to the society in all areas we support, and are making progress by contributing to the national economy and employment with our investments.

We also pay close attention to the fact that the projects we support in order to create sustainable impacts in our corporate social responsibility activities generate lasting benefits.

Occupational Health & safety

We work with the goal of ‘zero occupational accident – zero occupational disease’ with proactive and participatory approaches for our employees to work in full physical, psychological and social well-being.

While renewing our OHS policy in accordance with the conditions and developments of the day, we provide the necessary resources by giving trainings in regular periods in order to give our employees the sense of individual responsibility, awareness and competence. As a result of the audits conducted by our customers and the relevant ministry, it has been declared that occupational health and safety legislation requirements are met.


Enviroment Management

In our activities, we comply with all legal regulations and standards related to the environment, and we pay attention to protect the environment and natural life beyond the legal requirements. In our production processes; The resulting wastewater is treated in accordance with the legal procedure.

Wastes that cannot be reduced at source, which are not suitable for reuse and which cannot be recycled are destroyed by companies which are specialized in their fields with the ways that they do not harm human and environmental health in accordance with environmental legislation.

Chemical Management

We manage our chemical stocks within the scope of the ‘Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals’ legislation and we create a safe and healthy working environment.

By reducing the use of environmentally hazardous substances, we take advantage of the technological developments that can take place, and by educating our employees about appropriate transportation techniques, we prevent possible injuries and diseases.


Supply Management

While conducting our activities, we cooperate with a large number of suppliers providing products and services.

At the first stage, we monitor the compliance of our suppliers with the legal regulations, and classify them according to the sector, purchasing quantity, critical materials, service offered, delivery conditions, and adaptability to changes.

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