Our Story

Our history began with the establishment of Yılmaz Tekstil Wash in 1968, and this 30-year success story continues today under the name Denim Fashion. We continued our activities as an innovative company that is among the first in Turkey. We continue to work with an innovative and sustainable production approach with the motto of quality at every stage. Denim Fashion has two production facilities; Istanbul Günesli production and laundry facility with 34,000 m2 and Malatya production facility with 10,000 m2. We employ more than 2000 professionals with a corporate culture that prioritizes the welfare of our employees.

Denim Fashion is known as one of the leading companies in the industry with its annual production capacity of 5 million pieces as well as used modern technologies, a superior quality control approach, and environmental consciousness. Denim Fashion, one of the leading companies in the textile sector, which is the locomotive of the Turkish economy, has become a symbol of quality and continuity thanks to its philosophy of putting customer satisfaction first as well as its commitment to quality production. 

Denim Fashion, which provides first-class service by combining service quality with customer satisfaction, strengthens its place both in Turkey and in the World with the collections it constantly prepares, the use of advanced technology, research and development studies, and successful sales/marketing strategies.

Our Mission

To adopt providing secure and fast service both our in-country production and with our marketing and logistic companies in abroad as a principle by contributing to export of Turkey and country economy, providing exclusive and perfect service to world brands, adopting customer satisfaction on our corporate identity.


Our Vision

  • To provide secure business and working environment for employees.
  • To provide the continuity for product safety in accordance with the customer satisfaction. 
  • To follow and apply all technological innovations.
  • To predicate environmental conscience on all processes and applications.
  • Adoption of “DO IT RIGHT AT THE FIRST TIME” logic by all of our employees for success of our policy by adopting to produce quality on corporate identity

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